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An urgent review of pedestrian amenity along Ponsonby Road is required.

We request that Auckland Council / Auckland Transport make the following changes in order to make the street a safer and more enjoyable environment for people of all ages and agility. Pedestrian amenity is important given the increasing retail and residential development in and around the neighbourhood.

Specifically we the undersigned request:

  1. The reinstatement of a Barnes Dance (all-ways) crossing at the intersection of Pondonby/Richmond Roads and Picton Street.
  2. Marked pedestrian crossings to replace the existing pedestrian refuges in the vicinity of Pember Reeves, Norfolk, Brown and Mackelvie Streets.
  3. Enforcement of the existing 40kph limit along Ponsonby Road
  4. Prohibiting U turns along Ponsonby Road
  5. Raised tables along the side streets entry –in line with the footpath.
  6. Request that the implementation of the Ponsonby Plan (Outcome 3) is sped up to improve pedestrian safety and amenity.

2 Responses to “Sign the petition – Make Ponsonby Road A Street for People”

  1. 19 November 2015

    wendyl butler said:

    I agree with the above proposals and also want AT/AC to consider placing pedestrian crossing on all the side streets off Ponsonby Road, so that vehicles turning into a side street from Ponsonby road have to give way to pedestrians crossing.
    Thank you

  2. 19 November 2015

    andy said:

    Have a look at this
    They propose raised table to affect this.

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