Meeting 18 October 2016

Graeme Easte
Bob Tait
Eleanor Stanton
Sandra Eriksen
Apologies: Andy Smith.
1. Consultation on K Road cycleway – impact on pedestrians. Speculation that pedestrian crossing opposite Myers Arcade will go. What will happen around bus stops? GE notes option of cyclists going around the back, as in Melbourne (Ben Rossiter the expert). BT will prepare a proposal for Walk Auckland.
2. GE and Andy Smith will attend a meeting with Auckland Transport on Nov 11, to ensure Walk Ak gets similar access/treatment as Cycle Auckland. Likely items to discuss: next steps for the Path Project, new App being launched soon. Beca Carter and Fletcher Construction are offering free advisory service – any use for Walk Ak? GE says Greenways are now called Paths.
3. Pedestrians crossing entrances to private properties like supermarkets and petrol stations. Drop kerbs mean pedestrians have to step down off the footpath but it’s not there’s also the risk to pedestrians as vehicles drive in/out, need publicity and more awareness of pedestrians’ rights. Options include clear, obvious material of footpaths over driveways – pedestrian crossing stripes?
Meeting ended 6pm

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