Meeting 15 Nov 2016

Present Bob, Richard

Apologies Andy, Graeme

At this week’s Walk Auckland meeting we discussed putting in a submission on the proposed changes to Karangahape Road.  The points we thought to include are:
-improving the footpath surface on Karangahape Road as its extremely slippery when there is any rain
-the need to keep a coherent walking route on both sides of the road that is free of street furniture
-The need to improve the ability of pedestrians to cross Gundry Street.  Its currently a very wide road and is hard and hazardous to cross
-the need to improve the ability to cross Edinburgh Street.  This is currently a bit of a nightmare- there are no lights and its difficult for pedestrians to judge if vehicles travelling from Howe Street are turning into Karangahape Road or into Edinburgh Street
-While the Ponsonby Road/ Karangahape Road intersection is specifically excluded from the proposed improvements, we think it should be included.  Its currently a very difficult and slow intersection for pedestrians to travel through due to the large number of vehicle phases and the absence of any automatic pedestrian phasing- this is a key intersection for pedestrian commuters.

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