New Pedestrian Space – where is it?

When I opened the 2WALKandCYCLE conference in July last year I challenged the then Mayor and CEO of Auckland Transport to create new pedestrian only spaces in Auckland and I said that means closing roads. We need to drive the car out from our streets and make them living streets. It’s people who spend money in our shops, not cars. We should have flânuers and sojourners in the streets, not startled people running across intersections as drivers wait till they have the road again. High Street should have no vehicles and deliveries made in the early morning. Parts of Queen Street should be pedestrianised boulevards. Block Queen St at The Civic up to Mayoral Drive and Victoria Street to Shortland Street. This is not a new idea and there are other streets, in other town centres that need the same treatment. It takes political will to do this − Kia kaha, kia toa Aucklanders. Let’s make a city for people.

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