The Access Alliance

On Monday I attended the launch of the Access Alliance. It is made up from 9 organisations in the disability area. They are looking to get better legislation so accessibility is not a question but taken for granted. Moving from complaints to policy.

They are planning more meetings with business, politicians, political parties  toward the general elections.

The Access Alliance wants NZ to be 100% accessible.

The NZ Institute of Economic Research presented a report on what would the affect of this 100% be.

There is a large tourist market for People with Disabilities (PWD). Tourists over 65 year old make up 65% of the group.

Access for All could put 14,000 PWD into work, worth $1.4 billion, saving $270 million in benefits and creating tax revenue of $387 million.

Access for All has a positive economic value.

Dr Marie Bountrogianni, Dean from Ryerson University Canada was also a politician that put in place legislation that would suit NZ.  The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act aims to identify, remove, and prevent barriers for people with disabilities.  She explained the work involved in the act and that was passed unanimously by the Parliament in Ontario.  You can even do a certificate on how to implement the acts requirements.

Its Time for the Accessibility for New Zealanders Act

Access to work NZIER paper

Summary Papers Access Alliance

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