Meeting 19 September 2017

Present Andy, Audrey, Red, Graeme, Bob

We have 2 walking events coming up on the Ak Heritage Festival.  Audrey and Andy are running these on Oct 8 and 15 as Walk the Portage South and West.   We have a local to talk at the beginning of the Oct 8 and Graeme will talk on the Oct 15 walk.

NZ Post electric tractors or Paxsters are more obvious on our footpaths now.  Living Streets has been following these changes and NZTA have left the local Road Controlling Authorities to say yes or no.  Auckland has said yes.  We also noted the new delivery automatous vehicles on the street of other countries.  See the LSA newsletter here.

Mr Easte is organising a Lower Speeds workshop on November 16 which we will attend.

Andy updated people on the SkyPath progress.

We talked about the ‘Footpaths are for People’ council flyer that is no longer printed.  Andy will investigate a presentation to the Ak Transport board public forum.

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