Meeting 17 September 2017

Present Andy, Eleanor, Graeme, Bob, Andy and apologies from Jen

Eleanor told of here experience with a van on a footpath and the abuse she received.  The company is Redlite Electrics

Andy spoke of Abbi, a walking advocate, who around Middlemore Hospital reminded a driver not to block the footpath and was then pursued and run down.  The Police have arrested the drive and charged her with using a vehicle as a weapon.  More details to come.

We should ask AA to write and article on the rules round footpaths and crossing, Andy to follow that up.

Audrey and Andy reported back on the two Heritage Festival walks we ran on the Portages.  One have 3 people the other 23 walkers.

The Chapel Bar has had new footpath laid outside so the names defining outdoor dinning spaces need to be put back by the council.  We will keep an eye on this area.

Andy reported the low hanging signs in Pember Reeves st and they are fixed.

Graene is organising a Lower Speeds in Residential Areas workshop for Local Boards.

Andy attended an Auckland Transport Speed Management workshop.

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