Meeting 16 Jan 2018

Present Andy , Gay, Bob, Jen

Apologies Paula, Grame

Talked about the death at 21 Ruakura Road Hamilton, the 12 seconds to cross 2 lanes and the fact its next to Hilda Ross retirement home.  Living Streets is working with HCC

Onzo dockless bikes.  There are many and most are ridden on the footpath.  Do Onzo have approval from AT?  Will ask Kathryn King.   If there is an arrangement then we would expect a “no footpath cycling” notice on the bikes.

The Symonds st motorway on ramp has gain notoriety as a walkers was run down and them billed by the insurance company of the vehicle.

Andy noted he has appealed the decision of the Adverting Standards Authority about its OK to have 2 cars parked on the footpath during the Police recruitment video.

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