Meeting Minutes 30 Nov 2019

Present Andy, Graeme, Bob

Apologies Jen

Annual General Meeting.

Andy presented the accounts for last year.  We spent $112 on hall hire, $200 on website and LSA subs, $860 on the Walk to Work free breakfast and $500 on the Beat the Traffic audit.  We had income of $1500 for the Beat the Traffic audit.  Total for the year a loss of $273.  We have $4005 in the bank.  Andy we reappointed as coordinator for the coming year.  Graeme as the other bank signatory.

General Meeting.

Kathryn King canceled our meeting the day before it so we will request another.

Lime scooter had hit the streets and are using footpaths, cycleway and road.

We had an update on 354 Ponsonby rd Civic Space.

There are Ak Transport funds available to Local Boards for safety projects.

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