The Footpath as Contested Space: Fighting over the Scraps

Also a talk Stantec sponsors the AKL Street Talks programme which is a partnership between the Auckland Design Office and Auckland Libraries at Auckland Council. The next event is namely:

The Footpath as Contested Space: Fighting over the Scraps, Whare Wānanga, Central Library, Tuesday 30^th July 5:30pm-7:30pm

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In the 20^th Century, Motordom took over the streets and relegated pedestrians to a narrow strip on the edge called the footpath. In the 21^st Century, this narrow strip is becoming even more contested space as scooter riders and cyclists seek safety from the dangers of traffic, along with the presence of misparked cars and a plethora of street furniture, signage and other clutter. This makes life tough, even intimidating, for people on foot, especially older adults and those with mobility and vision challenges.

So how can we all get along in such a contested space? Come along to a panel discussion with actual street users and hear their perspectives (and contribute your own).

Ludo Campbell-Reid, GM Auckland Design Office and Auckland Design Champion, will be the moderator and we will set some firm ground rules that everyone has to play nicely in the sandpit together. Panellists are:

* Elise Copeland, Principal Specialist Universal Access and Design, Auckland Council (confirmed)
* Oliver Bruce, Micromobility Hub (confirmed)
* Kathryn King, representing NZTA (TBC)
* Jolisa Gracewood or Barbara Cuthbert from Bike Auckland (TBC)
* Living Streets Aotearoa Gay Richards

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