Meeting 19 November 2019

Present Bob, Andy, Paula, Eleanor

Apologies Jennifer Hand, Audrey Van Ryn

An AGM was held. The accounts were presented and accepted by the meeting. Paula asked about the $1000 to be spent on a legal opinion on Berm Parking and was happy it will happen in the new financial year.

Officers were reelected unopposed with Andy being coordinator and bank signatory and Mr Easte being the other signatory.

A general meeting was then held

Bob and Andy meet with Lime marketing person Laureen today and Bob asked a lot of questions of her.

Eleanor suggests there needs to be bollards at drives on Greys Ave to stop cars using the footpath as a road. Andy will talk with Audrey and the Local Board.

Franklin rd, Hamish Keith has asked for no eScooters on footpaths on Christmas month. Andy to tell Hamish about our Footpaths for Feet petition.

Walk AUckland will run Beating the Bounds in Feb for the Waitemata LB

Bike Auckland’s newsletter has a photo of a bike a locked onto a handrail. We have asked them to point out the error of their ways. Barbara Cuthbert is being talked to.

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