Meeting March 7

Present Paula, Gay, Bob, Andy

Andy suggested a bit of gardening is needed at 24 Georgina St. Its a piece of council land on a corner. Bob will take a look

Beating the Bounds was attended by 4 Board members and a Councilor. We walked the 14km local board boundary and looked at many walking problems.

Accessible Street Package. This is not a good thing as it introduces footpath cycling and a speed limit of 15kph. This is unenforceable. All vehicles will crowd the curb cuts. Puts people off walking and its the trips not taken that should be counted. We will make a submission as ask to talk to it. It will be in GEs name.

Berm parking. Heidi is talking to Grant soon. We still support this action even if it is Proposal 8 of the Accessible Street Package

Bob reported a footpath invasion around 67 Gt Nth Rd as loading ramps had been built on the footpath. A call to AC got that fix. Well done Bob.

Annabels cafe in Three Lamps are still using public seating as a table.

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