Walk Auckland Meeting Minutes

Meeting 18 May 2021

Present Andy Bob Paula

Applogies Graeme

Disussion Paula reported back on the Urban Walking Festival events.

Pedestrian Business Case for Ak Transport is being worked on. ACC is funding it at Stantec and Andy Is attending

Street Trading at Ockhee. They have a 40mm extension beyond the footpath dots. So AC need to move the dots. Andy to investigate

K Rd has had footpath tiles replaced at the old ASB corner. These are polished and slippery so Bob is reporting them so they will be ground rough.

Annual General Meeting – 17 Nov 2020

Present at the meeting was Paula, Andy, Gay. Andy has proxy for Bob

Andy was re elected as Coordinator and book keeper. Graeme is the other signature at the bank.

We had no income in the 2019-2020 year and currently have $2279.22 in the bank

AGM closed. Next meeting Christmas Party at Cafe Cezannes Dec 15

Meeting 20 October 2020

Present Andy, Bob and Suzanne Kendrick

Talk was of the Innovating Streets (NZTA) grant that Auckland Transport has for Ponsonby rd. It is $900,000 of funding over less that a year. Andy is meeting with AT and Suzanne will be talking with Waitemata Local Board, about these Tactical Urbanism activations. The Ponsonby Park CLD group are joining with us as local community members.

Meeting March 7

Present Paula, Gay, Bob, Andy

Andy suggested a bit of gardening is needed at 24 Georgina St. Its a piece of council land on a corner. Bob will take a look

Beating the Bounds was attended by 4 Board members and a Councilor. We walked the 14km local board boundary and looked at many walking problems.

Accessible Street Package. This is not a good thing as it introduces footpath cycling and a speed limit of 15kph. This is unenforceable. All vehicles will crowd the curb cuts. Puts people off walking and its the trips not taken that should be counted. We will make a submission as ask to talk to it. It will be in GEs name.

Berm parking. Heidi is talking to Grant soon. We still support this action even if it is Proposal 8 of the Accessible Street Package

Bob reported a footpath invasion around 67 Gt Nth Rd as loading ramps had been built on the footpath. A call to AC got that fix. Well done Bob.

Annabels cafe in Three Lamps are still using public seating as a table.

Meeting 18 Feb 2020

Present Gay, Andy, Paula, Bob

Apologies from Jen Hands and Jen Ward

March 11 Walk to Work day is organinsed to be in Pigeon Park K Rd from 7 to 9. Paula is project managing this. She has meet with AT and AC. Tiffany Robinson of AT will supply popup tents and tables. Event permit applied for. Coffee van booked and will spend $600 of our money.

Annabels cafe at 3 Lamps is using public seats. Bob and Andy to keep and eye on that.

Beating the Bounds will be on Saturday 29 starting at 10am. The walk is mapped here http://goo.gl/maps/XAzw and extends from Meola Reef (on ther Outer link route) through Western Springs, Eden Terrace, Newmarket and Judges bay.

Meeting 21 Jan 2020

At the new meeting room Ponsonby Community Centre

Present Bob, Andy, Paula, Jennifer, Gay

Bollards on Greys Ave. Andy to go to the Waitatmata LOcal Board

Beating the Bounds will be Feb 29 when the local board and others will walk the inland boundaries of the Ward.

E Scooters are still waiting for safe footpaths. Dockless eBikes are coming. Ask for the notice of them. Some confusion who is making the rules. Bob will draft a letter to Steven Town.

When is the next AT Safety stakeholders group meeting?

Walk to Work will be organised by Paula.