Walk Auckland Meeting Minutes

Meeting 17 September 2017

Present Andy, Eleanor, Graeme, Bob, Andy and apologies from Jen

Eleanor told of here experience with a van on a footpath and the abuse she received.  The company is Redlite Electrics https://www.redlite.co.nz

Andy spoke of Abbi, a walking advocate, who around Middlemore Hospital reminded a driver not to block the footpath and was then pursued and run down.  The Police have arrested the drive and charged her with using a vehicle as a weapon.  More details to come.

We should ask AA to write and article on the rules round footpaths and crossing, Andy to follow that up.

Audrey and Andy reported back on the two Heritage Festival walks we ran on the Portages.  One have 3 people the other 23 walkers.

The Chapel Bar has had new footpath laid outside so the names defining outdoor dinning spaces need to be put back by the council.  We will keep an eye on this area.

Andy reported the low hanging signs in Pember Reeves st and they are fixed.

Graene is organising a Lower Speeds in Residential Areas workshop for Local Boards.

Andy attended an Auckland Transport Speed Management workshop.

Meeting 19 September 2017

Present Andy, Audrey, Red, Graeme, Bob

We have 2 walking events coming up on the Ak Heritage Festival.  Audrey and Andy are running these on Oct 8 and 15 as Walk the Portage South and West.   We have a local to talk at the beginning of the Oct 8 and Graeme will talk on the Oct 15 walk.

NZ Post electric tractors or Paxsters are more obvious on our footpaths now.  Living Streets has been following these changes and NZTA have left the local Road Controlling Authorities to say yes or no.  Auckland has said yes.  We also noted the new delivery automatous vehicles on the street of other countries.  See the LSA newsletter here.

Mr Easte is organising a Lower Speeds workshop on November 16 which we will attend.

Andy updated people on the SkyPath progress.

We talked about the ‘Footpaths are for People’ council flyer that is no longer printed.  Andy will investigate a presentation to the Ak Transport board public forum.

Meeting 15 August 2017

Present Graeme, Andy, Bob, Paula

Apologies Audrey

Subjects covered in the discussion.

  • Auckland Cycling Programme
  • Portage Walks in the Heritage Festival that will be run by us
  • Ponsonby Rd side road raised tables.
  • Countdown carpark exit onto Pollen street is not good for pedestrians.  We will observe take photos and build a case.
  • Ask for a speaking slot at the Ak Transport Board meeting to bringup drives crossing footpaths.
  • SkyPath update.

Meeting June 20, 2017

Present.  Bob, Andy, Graeme

Talked about the raised platforms being install on side streets of Ponsonby Rd.

Approved payments for the Waterproof your walk project.

Gave our Vision for the refresh of the Auckland Plan.

Meeting 16 May 2017

Present Graeme, Bob Audrey, Paula, Andy, Jackie

Apologies Gay

Grey Lynn Greenway is opening June 2 and you are all invited. 

We talked of the Waterproof you Walk project that Ak Transport contracted us to undertake.  Bob and Andy did work for this and will be paid from the amount received.

Hern Bay cycling and walking improvements around Sarsfield and Curran sts was talked about.  A difficult area.

In Hepburn st parking on the berm is out of control.  GE will talk with KK about policy.

Dominos and Hell Pizza are using electric bikes on footpaths in the Ponsonby area.  We will start photographing the offenders.

The Clendon petition for footpath cycling was discussed.


Meeting 18 April 2017

Present Jen, Andy, Graeme, Bob

Walk Auckland in conjunction with Civic Trust Auckland will run 2 walks during the Heritage Festival.  Named Walk the Waka we will walk 2 portages between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. Sept 8 Otahuhu and Sept 15 New Lynn

Bob and Andy are working on a project for Ak Transport.  Its all about waterproofing your walk and we are logging the covered paths in the CBD.


Meeting March 21 2017

Present Gay, Graeme, Bob, Andy, Eleanor,

Apologies Paula, Audrey, Sandra

Results of Andy and Graeme’s meeting with Kathryn King was discussed

We need to find recent example of undulating footpaths due to driveways as they should not occur.

Updates for the Wellesley st buses changes and the 2WALKandCYCLE conference

Report from the Walking Alliance launch.


Meeting 21 Feb 2017

Present.  Andy, Eleanor, Gay, Bob, Graeme

Apologies. Jen, Paula

We chatted about the Footpath Cycling research that has just been published by NZTA.  We listened to Morning Reports from Radio NZ on the same subject.

The NZTA is supporting footpath cycling. Our members dont agree with this.

Meeting 17 Jan 2016

Present Jacob, Richard, Gay, Graeme, Mike B, Jackie

Apologies Paula

We welcome Jackie to her first meeting.

Ian McKinnon Drive.  Richard reported back and found most of the pedestrian ideas were ignored in the design.   Jackie suggested that a Safety Audit for Pedestrians should be done.  Jackie found that Chris Jones called this a Non Motorised User Audit.

At the next Kathryn King meeting we will bring up the point that the AT Walking page is sunk into the Cycling page.

Open Streets will be in April

Andy meet with the Outboard Motor Club about Stage 4 of the GI to Tamaki shared path. They have valid concerns of having there land purchased by AT and are looking for a win win result.

Meeting 20 December, 2016, AGM

Present Gay, Eleanor, Kit, Bob, Paula, Andy

Apologies Graeme, Richard

AGM.  The financial report was tabled and accepted by all. A vote took place for coordinator/treasurer and Andy Smith was re- elected with Graeme Easte as a bank account signatory.

The financial report will be available on the Charities website in the next few days.

Discussion happened over drinks and snax.

Kit “Views and view shafts are the inspiration during a walk on the Auckland paths.”