Walk Auckland Meeting Minutes

Meeting 21 June 2016

Winter Solstice and a Full Moon

Present Jen, Andy, Graeme, Bob

Apologies Richard, Paula, Eleanor

We looked at the plans for the Carrington Rd ped/bike crossing at Sutherland rd

Dominion rd back street cycle way has increased in use.

Meola rd was discussed and the speed of traffic.

Graeme and Andy attended the ATAP meeting hours before where it was announced that the Government will look into Road Charging to reduce congestion.  A step in the right direction for this government.  Traffic demand management is the future for Auckland.

Meeting 17 May 2016

Present Jacob, Richard, Jen, Paula, Bob , Andy

Apologies Eleanor, Audrey, Graeme

Andy gets all the consultations on road changes sent to him.  He will now send these to the group.

Open Streets on K Rd was a success and we welcome more of them.

Bob and Richard reported incidents on the shared paths Ian McKinnon drive around the Kings Arms.  Andy will talk with Kathryn King about this.

Are there stat on bike/ped crashes?

Andy will send out the Ministers letter on the Domino pizza delivery robots

Meeting 19 April 2016

Present. Andy, Eleanor, Richard, Jacob, Sandra, Bob.

Apologies Graeme.

We meet in the park opposite Leys as it is under going changes.  We then went to Cezannes to tea and coffee.

We have received 2 donation this month.  $345.50 from the Silo Film evening via Fresh Concept.  $254.20 from The Forum for Auckland Sustainable Transport that closed down and donated their funds to us.

We have been working on some route audits for Auckland Transport and have employed Bob, Andy and Sandra to do the work.

We are involved in the appeal in the Environment Court against the Road Stop notice on Queen Elizabeth 2 Square .  Working with Joel Hayford and the Auckland Architecture Assoc.

Meeting March 15, 2016

Present  Jake, Paula, Andy, Richard, Eleanor, Jen

Apologies Helen, Graeme

Subjects discussed

  • Walk to Work Day – went well
  • Walk month March – team challenges going well
  • Tamaki Drive cycleway preferred option 3
  • Greenways – Trees should be food trees
  • Ped Light buttons response from ATOC.  Where are walk call buttons not needed to be pressed in AK.
  • Chamberlain Golf Course consultation, Jake will attend.
  • Shared Paths and the RCA working group on that as indicated in Minister Bridges letter on March 15.
  • Law change Give Way rule
  • Open Streets in May 1 on KRd that will be closed to traffic.
  • Vehicle exits at Supermarkets and Petrol Stations


Meeting 16 Feb 2016

Present Graeme, Jacob, Richard, Eleanor, Bob, Helen
Apologies Paula, Jen

We welcomed new members Richard and Jacob who have moved to the area and Helen who works with the Auckland District Health Board.

It was suggested that we need to present to the Auckland Transport board on the role of pedestrians.

We looked at the contra flow cycling in one way streets proposed by AT.

We talked of speeds being too high in shared space and that there is no speed limit like in Australia. Maybe cyclist can give pedestrians 1.5 meters on shared paths. Don MiKinnon drive is an example of a shared path not working due to it being narrow.

Graeme asked us to be at the CHamberlain Park Open Day and see the motorway to Mt Albert shared path that is in the plan. Richard said he would do that.

Pedestrian cross lights. Why do we have to push the button? What intersection does this happen in the CBD and which one dont. WHy the difference? Andy will ask AT these questions.

Rubbish bins of footpaths are getting too frequent. Can the council remind citizen that they cannot store bins on the footpath.

Meeting Jan 19 2016

Present Bob, Andy Audrey, Elizabeth, Eleanor

We looked at plans and the new signage from AT.

It was decide to renew the subscription to Walking NZ for 24 issues.

Andy is to ask Bike Auckland if they know of any accident on the Pink Path enhanced by the crushed glass surface.

Meeting 15 Dec 2015

Present – Eleanor, Gay, Bob, Andy, Valma, Vivian

Apologies – Graeme

It was more of a Christmas Party than a meeting with Walk Auckland supplying cheese, biscuits and drinks.

Discussion happened and I think we solved all the worlds problems.

Meeting 19 Nov 2015

Present Graeme, Bob, Gay, Andy

We looked at the plans for Grey Lynn town centre and saw a new pedestrian crossing phase on the lights which is good.

Ponsonby Road Pedestrian changes are up for comments here https://at.govt.nz/about-us/have-your-say/ponsonby-road-pedestrian-improvements/

Andy is at the Greenway Leadership meetings and will represent pedestrians.  London has examples of these, joined up spines with the same look and feel.  Current footpaths are not Greenways and should not be rebranded.  They are also pollination pathways.

An AGM was then held and Andy Smith was voted back as President.

Meeting Oct 20, 2015

Present Andy, Bob and Graeme

Apologies Eleanor and Jen

Spoke about the QE2 square stop road notice.

We have a meeting with Andrew Allen at Ak Transport in Dec further to our meetings with Kathryn King about the W&C programme.

AGMs of LSA and WA next month.