Walk Auckland Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 30 Nov 2019

Present Andy, Graeme, Bob

Apologies Jen

Annual General Meeting.

Andy presented the accounts for last year.  We spent $112 on hall hire, $200 on website and LSA subs, $860 on the Walk to Work free breakfast and $500 on the Beat the Traffic audit.  We had income of $1500 for the Beat the Traffic audit.  Total for the year a loss of $273.  We have $4005 in the bank.  Andy we reappointed as coordinator for the coming year.  Graeme as the other bank signatory.

General Meeting.

Kathryn King canceled our meeting the day before it so we will request another.

Lime scooter had hit the streets and are using footpaths, cycleway and road.

We had an update on 354 Ponsonby rd Civic Space.

There are Ak Transport funds available to Local Boards for safety projects.

Meeting 18 Sept 2018

Present  Andy

Apologies Jen, Paula, Bob, Audrey

Finding myself alone, I phoned Mike Mellor who has been to meetings in Wellington representing Living Streets.  He also went to the NLTP launch, in Wellington as I in Auckland,  where we meet with NZTA board members Micheal Stianssy, Dame Fran Wilde and managers Fergus Gammie, Brett Glideon and Steve Mutton.  We both pointed out that the Walking and Cycling programme contains only shared paths.  The solution is for both the Local Government and NZTA to put projects into the programme to gain the FAR.  LSA will encourage this.

Meeting 19 June 2018

Present Andy, Bob, Jen, Paula, Eleanor

Apologies Graeme


Walk Auckland paid the subs to Living Streets Aotearoa $30

Franklin rd , Wellington st roundabout.  Is yet to be complete and needs the islands.  Vehicles are not that use to it.  Jen has told Franklin rd group.

Report back on where the Ponsonby rd masterplan is at

This can be found here:


Since adoption the Board has commenced working through the many actions (to the rear of the document). Much of this pre-dates my time with the Board, so Pippa will be able to provide a fuller picture (currently on leave until mid-July). Not exhaustive but so far:


  • 254 Ponsonby Road detailed design and advocacy for funding (this LTP)
  • Western Park Development Plan
  • Some Western Park improvements
  • Parking Management Plan
  • The pedestrian improvement project
  • Many of the Unitary Plan actions
  • Franklin road upgrade
  • 40km speed limit
  • The Anglesea St pocket park


Moving forward the Board has asked Plans and Places to look at the Rose Road Plaza design, but have not had any formal advice. This is expected before the FY19 work programmes are finalised in two weeks. 

Where are the Red Light Cameras and when do they go live?

Auckland’s six new red light safety cameras will begin enforcing 21 June 2018.

Calibration is complete on the six cameras, which were delivered to Auckland and installed in late 2017.

The cameras are owned, and maintained, by Auckland Transport and NZ Police is responsible for their enforcement.

The six cameras are in the following intersections:


  • Lincoln Road/ Swanson Road,
  • Lincoln Road/ Te Pai Place,
  • Albany Highway/Oteha Valley Road,
  • Great North Road/ Karangahape Road,
  • Blockhouse Bay Road/ New North Road
  • Esmonde Road/ Fred Thomas Drive.

The Amora Hotel footpath on Grays Ave needs bollards to stop vehicles using it.

Meeting 17 April 2018

Present – Andy, Bob, Graeme         Apologies – Jen

We approved paying the $30 sub to Living Streets Aotearoa

Graeme gave his report on the Electric Bus launch.

The approval of fully enclosed 3 seater mobility vehicles for the footpath was a surprise

Report back from the Transport Summit in Wellington

Look at the draft GPS and we have until May 2 to comment on this.

Bob and Andy arranged for a bit of urban gardening, a cutback.

Meeting 20 Feb 2018

Present Andy, Bob, Graeme, Jen, Paula

Walk 2 Work day is March 14 and we will run a free breakfast from 7am to 9am at Pigeon Park.  The meeting approved the spending on $1000 on this event.   Andy will seek sponsors and work with Ak Transport who want to promote the K Rd improvements at the event.  All volunteers welcome to come that that event.

Wayfinding signs project.  This project has been approved and will be funded by the Local Boards.  It will give consistent signage over the whole of Auckland.