The Footpath as Contested Space: Fighting over the Scraps

Also a talk Stantec sponsors the AKL Street Talks programme which is a partnership between the Auckland Design Office and Auckland Libraries at Auckland Council. The next event is namely:

The Footpath as Contested Space: Fighting over the Scraps, Whare Wānanga, Central Library, Tuesday 30^th July 5:30pm-7:30pm

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In the 20^th Century, Motordom took over the streets and relegated pedestrians to a narrow strip on the edge called the footpath. In the 21^st Century, this narrow strip is becoming even more contested space as scooter riders and cyclists seek safety from the dangers of traffic, along with the presence of misparked cars and a plethora of street furniture, signage and other clutter. This makes life tough, even intimidating, for people on foot, especially older adults and those with mobility and vision challenges.

So how can we all get along in such a contested space? Come along to a panel discussion with actual street users and hear their perspectives (and contribute your own).

Ludo Campbell-Reid, GM Auckland Design Office and Auckland Design Champion, will be the moderator and we will set some firm ground rules that everyone has to play nicely in the sandpit together. Panellists are:

* Elise Copeland, Principal Specialist Universal Access and Design, Auckland Council (confirmed)
* Oliver Bruce, Micromobility Hub (confirmed)
* Kathryn King, representing NZTA (TBC)
* Jolisa Gracewood or Barbara Cuthbert from Bike Auckland (TBC)
* Living Streets Aotearoa Gay Richards

Registration for the Spring 2018 Auckland Walk Challenge is now open!

Stride into summer
Registration for the Spring 2018 Auckland Walk Challenge is now open!
Walk Challenge

The Auckland Walk Challenge is back by popular demand – this time for the month of November!

Sign up now and form a team with your work colleagues, friends and family and take to two legs for a month!

Walk just 30 minutes a day – to work, to the bus stop, to the local shops – and track your distance online. It’s fun, free, and good for you.

Increasing numbers of cyclists, ebikers, escooters and eskateboarders are now riding on footpaths

Letter to the NZ Herald Editor


Dear Sir,
Increasing numbers of cyclists, ebikers, escooters and eskateboarders are
now riding on footpaths. The roads are too dangerous and no provision is
made elsewhere for them, so the default becomes the footpath. Yet the
speed and quietness of these transport modes that are being used on the
footpaths, is dangerous for pedestrians, including the disabled. In effect
we are seeing the conversion of all footpaths into “shared paths”
without any consultation or regard for the most vulnerable users – the
The proposed new escooters and the Onzo fleet are disruptor technologies
that are being allowed to privatise the public domain of the footpath for
their business interests. Auckland Transport has allowed this to happen
unchallenged and unregulated. It is showing no leadership or planning
around this issue whilst allowing the most vulnerable to be compromised
and endangered. This is not a reasonable or practical solution to
Auckland’s transport problems.

Yours sincerely,
Jennifer Ward

Auckland’s rampant road toll

How are NZTA & Police working to assist AT fix this?

I note that Lester Levy appears to be finally showing some leadership:

“Auckland Transport chair Lester Levy said the organisation would adopt a ‘Vision Zero’ approach, which originated in Sweden and functioned on the premise that no loss of life due to traffic incidents was acceptable.

Lowered speed limits, more safety cameras and high friction road surfacing, better pedestrian infrastructure, and strengthened partnerships between local and government agencies would help lower the road toll by up to 20 per cent over the next three years, he said.”


Bevan Woodward | Transport Planner | MOVEMENT

Walk2Work day. Free breakfast for walkers

March 14 at 7am was busy with Walk Auckland volunteers asking people walking to work to fill in the survey and then have a free breakfast.

Sanitarium sponsored Up&Go while Walk Auckland purchased coffee, muffins and fruit.

Bill Adams coffee handed out 510 cups and we gave away 150 muffins.

Walk 2 Work Day March 14

We are running a free breakfast on March 14 from 7am to 9am at the corner of K rd and Symonds st Pigeon Park.

I need help.  Can you come for a while and help hand out food and survey forms?

This is what it looks like.

Text me, Andy,  on 021474740 if you have the time to help.